Last month, I had the opportunity to document my cousin Danielle’s maternity session at a park near their house, Riverton Yacht Club! When they told me they wanted to have a Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session, I was so excited, because this is where they had their first look for their wedding. Not only that, but this is the exact location where John had proposed to Danielle! It’s an understatement to say that this park holds great meaning to them. Toward the end of the images, you will see Danielle sitting down and John kissing her belly. That is the exact location where he proposed years ago, only instead of belly kisses, he was holding a ring. They call the tree “their tree”, and I don’t blame them one bit. I see many future picnics here with their soon to be new baby girl, Emma Grace!

*Update: Emma Grace has been born! I am so excited to meet her next week for her newborn session!

I am so excited for them and so honored that I was able to capture these memories for them. I hope they love the images just as much as I do!

The Riverton Yacht Club is gorgeous. We didn’t get to go up to the yacht club, but the grounds around it are so well maintained. John told me that the owners of the houses along this street actually own the lawns, and that the road that runs parallel to the river is a throughway that was put there by the homeowners years ago (I think I got that correct!) It’s such a historic little town and such a beautiful drive after work. The sunset is definitely swoon worthy! Emma Grace is one lucky little girl to be able to grow up in such a history rich down!

If you thought these images from the Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session were amazing, and you want to have a session here of your own, please reach out to me! I am in love with this location!

Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session, Bokeh Love Photography, Maternity Session, South Jersey Maternity Photographer
Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session, Bokeh Love Photography, Maternity Session, South Jersey Maternity Photographer
Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session, Bokeh Love Photography, Maternity Session, South Jersey Maternity Photographer

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Last week, I photographed a romantic Tuckerton Engagement Session! I remember when I met with Rachael when she first started planning her wedding. She said her amazing fiance, Chris is letting her do whatever she wants for their wedding! When I hear words like that, I just KNOW that he’s a good guy! I didn’t meet him until the session, but from all of the amazing things Rachael had said about him, he had to be amazing! Well, as you can see from the images below, Chris makes Rachael laugh, all the time! So far, he’s got two amazing qualities of a perfect husband! Rachael and Chris are so in love, and it definitely shows. Throughout the entire session, I just kept thinking about how much fun their wedding will be next year! From the very beginning, I knew I would love them, and I was so right! We went back and forth trying to plan the most amazing engagement session. Rachael wanted beach, but then I found out that Chris owned a boat. So, it was clear that we had to take a few photos on the boat! Earlier that day Chris had gone crabbing, and it was our luck that we found a baby crab on the beach! I had to put it in Rachael’s hand, and she probably cursed me the entire ride home for doing it, but that photos though! It tells the story of their life, and these are beautiful memories that they will be able to tell for the rest of their lives. I also had them write before hand, letters to each other, on why they fell in love with one another. I have to say, I was laughing and tearing up behind the camera. They are the perfect combination of love and laughter, and let me tell you, that is the kind of relationship you want to have, because you can grow old with each other, in this beautiful life, and keep each other happy until the very end! Side by side, partners in crime, it’s the best combination of marriage and friendship.

Rachael and Chris, thank you so much for taking me along on your Tuckerton Engagement Session! I am SO excited for your wedding at the Carriage House next year! You are going to make a stunning bride and one handsome groom!

To book your Tuckerton Engagement Session, email me today!

Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer
Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer
Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer

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I am throwing it back to 2015 here with a portrait session in Galloway. It’s of my own babies. They have messy hair, and their clothes are, well, play clothes. I think at the time I said, girls, lets go take pictures in the back yard, they jumped for joy, I grabbed my camera, and then photos were made. I love revisiting old photos, and looking back at how adorable my (now almost 8, and 6 year old) babies were! I recently found a bunch of old photographs from my Great Great Grandmother and Great Aunt and my Grandpop and I guess I am feeling super nostolgic right now. One day, my daughters are going to find these photos, because of course I am going to print and frame them. They would never get a chance to find them if I don’t print them. CD’s are basically gone. USB’s will soon follow. I only hope that our hard drives stay around for a while, but because they connect via USB cord, I can only see them going sooner. I get so emotional about printing photos, and archiving them in albums, and being professionally framed , because believe it or not, these images are our legacy. It’s what we will leave behind, and at the end of the day, memories and knowing where you came from is what matters. I can’t tell you how big of an empty spot in my heart and my gut there is knowing that I can’t track down my Armenian Heritage. It’s sad, and sickening that my ancestors were killed during a genocide. But what I do have, the photos I did find, I hold so close to my heart, and they fill such a beautiful void! I hope one day, when my children find these beautiful images, they will be full of love and happieness because they can phsycailly hold a memory, and one day hang it on their walls.

To book your Portrait session in Galloway, please reach out to me today! Let’s capture your legacy!

Bokeh Love Photography, Portrait session in Galloway
Bokeh Love Photography, Portrait session in Galloway
Bokeh Love Photography, Portrait session in Galloway

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It was a rainy day, but sometimes canceling a session just is NOT an option! I am so thankful to live in such an amazing area where people and business owners are friendly! We decided to head over to a local garden center that has the most amazing greenhouses ever! So, we were set for Greenhouse Portraits in Egg Harbor Township! The flowers were vibrant, and so beautifully colored. Victoria and Austin were basically the most perfect couple ever, and then it stopped raining just in time for us to venture outside and take more amazing portraits! Days like today, are absolute dreams! I will never cancel a session for rain again! Not when there are so many locations that let beautiful light in, and keep us all dry!

Victoria and Austin have been friends for a long time, and are in a very happy relationship, as you can see, they are so adorable! Austin is in the Navy, and Victoria is a photographer right here in NJ! Can you believe this was their very first portrait session? I am pretty sure they could EASILY be on a cover of a magazine! I had such an amazing time getting to know the two of them today, and I am so happy I was able to capture these beautiful images for them!

If you are looking for a similar session, reach out to me today! i would love to take your Greenhouse Portraits in Egg Harbor Township!

Greenhouse Portraits in Egg Harbor Township
Greenhouse Portraits in Egg Harbor Township
Greenhouse Portraits in Egg Harbor Township
Greenhouse Portraits in Egg Harbor Township

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I have been photographing Lauren and Justin since their engagement session! They took me off roading, and it was AMAZING! I have NEVER to this day, met a couple more in love than the two of them. To say they are one of my favorite people in this world is an understatement! I photographed Lauren’s boudoir session, a wedding gift for Justin, which was a beautiful testament to their love! You can see in her eyes the dedication and admiration she has toward him. Their wedding was so emotional. Justin cried during their first look, real tears, his heart was 500% into it, and I was bawling behind my camera. One year later, they took me off roading AGAIN for their trash the dress, at the same location as their engagement session, but this time, in wedding attire, and they went swimming together in the river. Their life is a fairytale, but fairytales sometimes have bumpy roads. Things don’t always go as planned, but we get back up and we keep moving forward, with love, with passion, with guidance, with hope, but most of all, together. In this situation, the sun is shining and there is a rainbow. Hand in hand. I am so happy, and excited to share these images with you all, Lauren and Justin’s Pregnancy Announcement at Smithville Inn, where they were married. The memories we have captured up to this date, are a beautiful legacy of their love, of their growing family, and I am so humbled and honored to have been by their side where it all began. Thank you Lauren and Justin, for allowing me to once again capture one of the most amazing moments in your life. I am forever grateful you have chosen me to document your life, and to be a part of it makes me just so happy.

Smithville is known for it’s beautiful, well maintained grounds, but having a Pregnancy Announcement at Smithville Inn is just so meaningful, especially if you were married here, or if you grew up coming here as a child (I know I did). If you are looking for a beautiful way to document this special moment in your lives, please reach out to me so we can plan your Pregnancy Announcement at Smithville Inn.

Bokeh Love Photography, Pregnancy Announcement at Smithville Inn, Galloway Photographer
Bokeh Love Photography, Pregnancy Announcement at Smithville Inn, Galloway Photographer
Bokeh Love Photography, Pregnancy Announcement at Smithville Inn, Galloway Photographer

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