Laurita Winery is a BEAUTIFUL venue.

When I first arrived I drove down a beautiful long drive up to a gorgeous building with stone work all around. The atmosphere is so relaxed, and did you know it Laurita Winery was named 1 of the 7 Best Drinking Spots With a View in New Jersey! I just read about it on their blog, and I can absolutely believe it! I felt like I was on vacation here.

So when Melissa told me that was where she wanted to have her engagement session, I was so excited! I had never been there and was happy to take the drive. We started the session in the vineyards, the sun was bright, and the sky was beautiful. Her red shirt just popped! It was perfect.

I think engagement sessions are my absolute favorite. I get to know a couple before they get married, and we get to have fun in a relaxed environment. Not only that, but they get an idea of of how I shoot, and how I create these beautiful images.

I would highly recommend Laurita Winery for anyone that wants a casual, relaxed but luxury experience for their engagement session. Enjoy some delicious wine from one of the most amazing winery’s here in NJ, and set out for amazing photos at sunset.


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Oh, hello summer, I’ve missed you! I’ve missed the sand in my toes, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, but most of all, I’ve missed those amazing beach portraits. You know the ones, where everyone is going home, clearing the beach and the cool ocean breeze is kissing our faces as we head toward the jetty to catch the beautiful sunset! Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve missed! I’ve missed them so badly, and cannot wait to get out there again! I want to capture the smiles, the giggles, the kisses and the raw emotion that the Jersey Shore brings out! Kick off those sandals, put on the sun dresses, dress the little man in a straw fedora and make this the summer of memories!

Beach portraits are more than just pictures, they’re more than just snapshots, they’re capturing your family having fun, enjoying the moment and the warm summer air. They’re about spending the moment together and having it, and keeping it close! The Jersey Shore is a magical place that brings family together and keeps them together! Maybe it’s the cotton candy or the Johnsons popcorn, the salt water taffy or the long nights by a fire.. whatever it is enjoy it, embrace it, and capture it forever!

This year, Bokeh Love Photography will be focusing on memories in hand. We want you to enjoy these moments and show them off to your family and friends. We have made irresistible collections to choose from along with add on’s as well as ala carte. We hope you’re as excited as we are, about this amazing experience!

How this will work:
We’ve decided that we don’t want to charge per person. It’s silly. You pay for my time, to come out, and take gorgeous memorable photos of your family. I don’t want to scare you off and tell you that a family of 4 will be this much and a family of 6 will be this much. Bring them all, let’s have a beach portrait party! I love to see happy families, and promise you I will make it a fun time for everyone! Of course, we have kids, so we understand how things go. Kids turn into Crankenstein! (Seriously, read the book, they totally do!), so they get to go first, when they’re happy, excited and in a good mood. Then we move on to Grandparents, Parents, and then break it down into small groups until we are done. It’s works fabulous and it’s a great time!

When I get home that night, I cull them! That means, I go through all of the images and only save the most amazing ones.

From there, I edit them and upload to a password protected website where you get to see all of these amazing images! It’s get better, trust me! Not only can you purchase prints, but you can also order wall art too! Canvases, Fine Art metals, etc… It’s all done directly through the website, and whatever you order gets shipped to your home! So that means, if you were here on vacation, and your family went back home, pass the website around and everyone can order their own products and get it at their own house!

Not only that, but when you order all the gorgeous images, you get to capture your memories from your vacation at the Jersey Shore and support a local photographer! (Thank you so much, it means the world to me!)

To give you a rough idea on pricing:
Session fee: $150
8×10′s & smaller: $50
Digitals are available for $800

If you are asking, “Why are the digitals so expensive?” Here is the answer:
We are a full-service photography company based in Galloway, NJ. We offer an array of products such as heirloom albums, metallic gallery wraps, wood prints, lockets, etc. We offer pre-session consultations, proof viewing/ordering sessions, with the option to pick up or have your products delivered to your front door. We pride ourselves in customer service and go above and beyond 100% of the time. We believe that handing over digitals on a disc, usb, or downloadable over the internet is doing our clients an injustice. We don’t want you to buy them, we want to provide you with the most amazing products you have ever seen, so you and your family can swoon over the quality and know that you hired a true professional. However, if you would like to buy them, they are $800+tax, but we highly recommend a photo album instead.;)

To reserve your beach portraits this summer, and see our collections (that include products) please contact




**Did you notice there were links throughout this blog post? That is because we have teamed up with to share with you our favorite products! You can click the links and purchase those items directly through Amazon! If you would like to try Amazon Prime and their amazing 2 day free shipping, click here and receive your first 30 days free!

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When Dana emailed me about having a Stockton Seaview wedding, I was so excited!

I love the Stockton Seaview, and love that it is only down the street from my home! I hadn’t met Dana until I walked into the hotel room on the day of her wedding. When I saw her for the first time, she was stunning! Dana was absolutely glowing in love! Their wedding at The Stockton Seaview‎ in Galloway was classic and beautiful. The bridal suit is just set up for weddings. Gorgeous linens, finely upholstered chairs, and rich colors throughout! The amount of window light was perfect for photos, with the sheer curtains and delicate drapery.

Dana’s dress was adorned with beading and crystals and her veil was the icing on the cake! She was so gorgeous! And those flowers! Take my breath away! The most amazing flowers I have ever seen! Drew and his groomsmen were handsome in grey! Grey is probably my new favorite for suits because of this wedding. The bridesmaids of course had the most amazing black dresses with gray shawls. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed with gray and black.

The ceremony took place on The Stock Seaview’s great lawn. It’s probably my favorite place for a ceremony, because you get to see the gorgeous architecture in the background with beautiful topiary’s and lots of green grass! I love to capture the surroundings of the wedding, to bring back memories of the location they chose. Not only that, but the ballroom is my favorite! For their first dance, I was taken back and in tears at how in love they were. They way he held her, embracing her in his arms. It was like a fairytale! The beautiful chandelier with the soft lighting of the room. It was perfection! If you want to feel what it’s like to be a princess, The Stockton Seaview is the place for you! But don’t take my word for it, take a look at this amazing wedding for yourself, you’ll be impressed!

The Stockton Seaview, wedding, galloway, nj
The Stockton Seaview, Wedding, Galloway, NJ
The Stockton Seaview, Wedding, Galloway, NJ
Venue: The Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club
Makeup: Makeup By Catrina 
Photographer: Bokeh Love Photography 

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Portraits are my favorite, especially when they’re a Batsto Village Maternity Session! Batsto Village is one of those hidden gems that is always perfect for portraits located right in Hammonton, NJ! I love the old buildings, the wood fences, the dirt roads and grass fields! Any color that you wear will pop against the neutral tones of the village. Maternity sessions are so special. This is a time in your life where you want it documented, remembered, and preserved because it means more to you than the world.

Having a Batsto Village maternity session is such a great idea. It’s located in Wharton State Forest in New Jersey. On the other side of the village there are beautiful hiking trails, but my heart in truly in love with the village. It’s like falling back in time, and seeing how people lived, how they worked, and provided for their families. It’s deep in history, so make a day of it! If it’s open, stop by the visitors center and check it out!

I had such a great time photographing Tara and Joe! They’re so happy and exited to meet their little bundle of joy! Tara had a few outfit changes and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked in each outfit! Pregnancy certainly looks amazing on her! These are photos going to be cherished so much looking back and remembering how it felt to have their little inside. They’re both glowing!

Enjoy the photos from this gorgeous Batsto Village maternity session, and if you are planning on having maternity portraits taken, please email:

batsto village maternity session
batsto village maternity session

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A few weeks ago I attended a light workshop in Philadelphia by LuRey Photography! (You can read all about the workshop by clicking here) Being a Philadelphia wedding photographer wanting to learn from the best, I jumped on the occasion to visit the studio 10TWO5 and to learn from LuRey Photography! Philadelphia is just a little drive away and I have been wanting to expand my business and incorporate off camera flash more and more. I play with it now, but in the past I have considered myself a natural light photographer., who dabbles with light. This workshop has helped me branch out more, and be able to offer my clients a better wedding experience.

I love Philadelphia, and love that I can consider myself a Philadelphia wedding photographer! Philadelphia is a gorgeous place, full of great people, beautiful buildings, and amazing opportunities to take EPIC photos! A dream of mine is to be able to photograph brides in Philadelphia buildings on a high up floor with the entire city seen outside of the window. That can only been done with the use of flash! Now that I have a better understanding for it, I plan on making GORGEOUS photos with the skills I’ve learned!

This experience did make me wish I had a studio, because studio work is just so gorgeous! I would obviously have to invest in a bit more equipment than I have now, but it would totally be worth it! For now, if I need a studio, I can always rent a space. There are so many places in Philadelphia that are so perfect!

Easton and Laura of LuRey Photography, are such amazing people. I met them being in this industry, and I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to call them friends, not just colleagues. The love that have for teaching is so great! You can tell when someone is passionate about what they do. They not only take amazing photos, they care about their clients, and bettering the industry by helping other photographers reach their full potential and more. So, if you are a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, or in the Tri-State area, you should look them up and go to one of their workshops. You will not regret it!

Here are some of my photos from the workshop. Needless to say, I have learned some fabulous tricks that I plan to use on upcoming 2015 weddings! I really cannot wait!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography


Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

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