I am so excited to announce that the January Boudoir Marathon is finally here! These have become very well known with BLP and I look forward to planning them every year! Having these twice is a year is really fun because I get to plan a winter and summer one in totally different hotels. Each year we get so many women coming out to get photos taken for their boyfriends, husbands, partners, and even for themselves! In July, I even got them done!!

Last year we booked the a Penthouse Suite at the Chelsea in Atlantic City and the House of Blues Suite in the Showboat Hotel & Casino. Both locations were high end and pure luxe! They are amazing! This year we looked around and decided to stay in Atlantic City! In January we will be going to the Golden Nugget in a 1 bedroom Suite. This means great things, and I will tell you why. Privacy is HUGE for me, and I want everyone to feel comfortable doing this. This suite has a living room and a private bedroom with sliding doors. So while all of the ladies are getting their hair and makeup done, munching on delicious snacks, and listing to fab music, the shooting area will be private! It’s great because you don’t have to feel presured to do anything in front of anyone, and you can focus on getting amazing pictures taken!

Here is what the suite looks like! I am so excited!


**Hotel photos are from the Golden Nugget website.

In addition to this amazing room, you will also be getting hair and makeup done by one of the top in the wedding industry, Mia Crivaro! I had the pleasure of meeting her at my cousins wedding, she is a total sweetheart! You can check out her work here, she’s FABULOUS!

If you aren’t sure if you want to book and need to see a sample, please email me and we can discus everything. For protection and privacy reason, I will not share any photos online that reveal faces, unless the client is totally okay with it. I will however show you my photos! I had a great time, and my hubby loves them! Here are some photos of me and one of my besties! (And she is responsible for our lovely makeup! Her name is the lovely Miss Kiara Upsher)



I am accepting 10 bookings for this Boudoir Marathon. With each booking a Peal Iguana Wallet Folio is included. A folio is a wonderful way to display your photos. Below is an image for you to see exactly what you will get!

bokeh love photography, pearl iguana folio, with every boudoir marathon, 10 available

**Images from distributor website.

January 2015 Boudoir Marathon Details:

When: January 13, 2015

Where: The Golden Nugget Hotel & Spa, Spa Tower, 1 Bedroom Suite (I will be emailing everyone upon checkin with the room number)

Time: Checkin to the hotel is at 4:00. The first apointment is at 4:30, Everyone is encouraged to come 1 hour before their apointment to ensure that we are running on time!

Your turn: Your hair and makeup is all done! SO EXCITING! All shoots will be in the private bedroom (with sliding doors), the bathroom (bathtub with bubbles), or in the livingroom if you don’t mind other ladies laughing, dancing, and singing to music! If you want to do the bathtub with the bubbles, please bring bathing suit bottoms, and a towel! Shooting will last 30 minutes, and as promised you will get 10 digital files. (But for those of you know KNOW ME, you KNOW you will be getting more than that)

What should you bring: A robe for getting ready, 2-3 outfits (a black bra and panties is a must) Think FUN, SEXY, and FEEL GOOD! Props definitly! Boyfriends, fiance’s, girlfriends, husbands, etc. What do they like/do? Examples: Football jersey, dirt bike helmet, fire fighter pants, work shirt, tie, police hat/shirt, guitar, etc.

Can you bring someone: Yes! You sure can! I’ve had Mom’s, sisters, BFF’s! We just ask that men and children stay home. This is a ladies only event, and not appropriate for men and children.

Investment: $375 includes hair, makeup, the suite, digitals, AND a Pearl Iguana Folio with two wallets of your choice. And of course muchies!

Albums: Albums will be on display for purchase. Custom albums are also available. Also everyone will receive a price sheet of available products with order deadlines guaranteed to be delivered by Valentines Day!

Terms & Conditions: The only images that will be shown publically are images that do not include faces. Images that do show faces need to sign an additional contract stating that you agree to have images publish publicly. $100 non-refundable retainer is due upon booking to reserve your session, and the rest is due 1 week before shoot date (January 6th). All images will be delivered online via a password protected client access website in both color and b&w.

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I hope you were all able to gather around your table and give thanks for family and friends. Sharing these moments with your family may sometimes be difficult, but I wouldn’t trade these memories for the world! I love my family, and I love hearing them bicker and laugh and eat! They see me coming and know that photos will be taken, and then make fun of me when I show up with cookies! (Because everyone knows, I can’t cook to save my life! Seriously, just ask them about my brownie disaster!)

Anyway, I want to share something HUGE with all of you. This is the first year I am really offering some amazing Black Friday deals, but what’s even more exciting is they will be up and available until Dec. 2nd! With all of the days.. Turkey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday… jeez, let’s just say I have thrown together a week of savings and I want you all to scream, get excited, tell your friends, and email me with your orders! So are ya ready? Here we go!!!

1. 20% OFF – ANY Wedding Collection! (Available to New bookings only for 2015 weddings, must be booked from Nov 27-Dec 2)

2. 30% OFF – ANY Bridal Album or Parent Album! (Available to EVERYONE); Includes leather OR linen.

3. B1G1 FREE CANVAS!!! (May be pre-purchased and redeemed after you receive your images)

4. FREE Secret Gift with EACH canvas order! (Valued at $50-$75)

5. 20% OFF SnapBooth! (4 Hour Wedding Reception only. Available to new SnapBooth bookings only)

ALSO, Gift Certificates are now available and we are so excited to offer them to our clients. These are a great way to show someone you care. They start at $50 and can be purchased at any price point from there up. Gift Certificates can be used for print products, sessions, engagements, or weddings! Please see image below for what they look like. They are a 5×7 double-sided cardstock and include an envelope for your convenience.


For more information on ordering, please email:



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Mini sessions are a BIG DEAL. They’re a big deal because I do not offer them throughout the year. It’s a great way to get in front of the camera for a few minutes, get some AMAZING photos of your kids, your family, or even if yourself! I have decided to offer them this fall as harvest mini sessions. I styled the stage to be pumpkins, straw, corn stalks, an old fence, and a wood floor. I love these, I love how they came out, and I love how much fun it was to design it. Styled shoots make me super happy! I love them. If I could do them ALL THE TIME, I would, easily, in a heartbeat! I wanted to incorporate some white pumpkins. I dont know why, but I feel like they are just so chic, and fancy. And luckily, one of the little ladies that showed up had on WHITE with CHEETAH! So stinkin’ adorable! I can’t stand it. I do however, pride myself knowing that my clients are by far the best dressed, ever. Way to go everyone, keep it coming! I adore the attention you give your families. It makes my job super easy! So, check out what I did this fall, and remember this will happen again NEXT FALL! (Ya know, and christmas too!)


























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Patti and Steve… where do I even begin? The two of you are such a beautiful couple. It’s not everyday that you see as much love in someones eyes, as I did on your day! The way you two hold hands, the way you glance at eachother from across the room, the way you smash cake in one anothers face. (haha). You two honestly did marry your best friend. Some people go years without finding their true love, and you two, have got it! Hang on tight, and never let go!

Masso’s Crystal Manor is such a beautiful place. I hadn’t heard of it before your wedding, I even got lost! I kept thinking I was passing a bakery or something, but no, it was the venue! I drove into a parking lot, and didn’t know where to go, thankfully I saw the mother of the bride and she helped me find my way. When I turned the corner, I was shocked to see a fully shaded BEAUTIFUL waterfall garden! WOW! I couldn’t believe my eyes. This gem is hiding in South Jersey! People give our state a lot of grief, but New Jersey has some GORGEOUS locations! This, is just one of them, and I am so glad I was able to shoot here, and document this perfect wedding!

Take a loot at this wedding, and how truly amazing it was! Congrats you two and thank you again for trusting me with your memories!










































































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“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray.
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take… my sunshine away.

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping, I dreampt I held you in my arms.
When I awoke dear, I was mistaken, so please don’t take.. my sunshine away.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray.
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take… my sunshine away.”


This is the MOST requested song I sing to my girls at night before bed. They love it. They love this song SO MUCH, they requested it be played at our wedding in September. Their exact words were, “Mommy, can you and Daddy dance with us to our own special song?” … the words that bled from my heart with total and utter love, “OMG YES, YES WHAT SONG?” So, You are my Sunshine is kind of a thing in our home.


We don’t always have good days, but we don’t always have bad days. As parents, it takes patience, stength, and at times we just need to walk away.


Children don’t always want to smile, they don’t always want their photos taken. As a photographer AND a Mom. This is super hard and has always been challenging. Our children will smile for everyone else but us. It’s just like the old saying, “The Shoemakers children have no shoes”. Yep, this photographer doesn’t have that many photos of us. We don’t always have the time to set up the tripod, the timer, and hope for a good photo. So, we drive around, pull over on the side of the road for potty breaks, we find beautiful fields of flowers. We meet farmers, and we TRY our best.


It’s not always a perfect experience, and sometimes I get upset, because I really, really just want those pretty pictures of my babies. Then I get home. I unload my cards, I preview the photos. I sit here and smile, because even though my babies didn’t cooperate THAT WELL, they’re beautiful because these photos are THEM. 100% THEM. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I look at these pictures and I smile for a few reasons. Want to know why? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway…

1. Toni doesn’t like to wear dresses. Instead, she’s wearing capri’s, a white undershirt tank top, and a tunic.
2. Gianna is wearing the dress we bought her for her preschool graduation. She will be in Kindegarden this year. This makes me so proud, and so sad for her to be growing up… so fast.
3. They both chose which bow color to wear. Their favorite colors are pink and purple. This is their individuality shining through.
4. Toni did not want to smile, all she wanted was ice cream. Her saddness was pure, the kind kids have when their biggest battle is what kind of ice cream they want, and if they will get it.
5. Gianna, lifted her hand up and played with her hair like I told her to. She is always wearing a toe ring on her pointer finger, because I gave it to her to wear to feel pretty. She felt so, so very pretty.
6. And lastly, the sunflowers were $0.50 cents, the owner of this property was selling them at a stand with a metal box for the money. His phone number was listed and said something like, “call us if you have a question, we dont bite!”. I left $5.00 in the box, and grabbed 4. I spoke with him and he said I could visit any time I’d like to take pictures in front of his flowers. He is the sweetest man, ever.
7. The girls were standing in the dirt, because they were terrified of the bee’s. Honestly, they screamed bloody murder. I explained to them they just want the pollen and that they’re trying to make honey. But you know, kids don’t listen very well, and they would NOT go back into the flowers.
8. Pink flip flops, because thats just how they roll in the summer.
9. The blurry yellow and green was Toni’s flowers that she didn’t want to hold. So I held them and made this work beautifully.
10. Last but not least, this is proof that I am able to get beautiful images of my children, even if they aren’t happy about it. It works because they’re beautiful, and nothing can ever change that. Unless of course, I have ice cream with me at the time of the shoot.




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