PUMP HOUSE STYLED SHOOT! I love styled shoots.  I simply adore them.

When I heard about the Pump House styled shoot, I just had to attend. It was being put on by Seneca Photography and Bridal Salon. She is not only a dear friend but an amazing photographer who just so happens to own a gorgeous dress shop! I knew it would be an amazing experience! I drove quite a distance to get there, but I think it was totally worth it!

Eveything at the Pump House styled shoot was done perfectly! From the gorgeous invitations to the flowers and small details like the seating chart, the dresses, even the cake! Oh man, the cake! It was a dream. If you’re going to get married here, you need to check out these vendors! They did an excellet job, and I would trust them with my wedding day, ya know, if I were to do it all over again;)

Styled shoots motivate me to be more creative, and to jump outside of the box. These are amazing practice, even in the busy season. Maybe there is a new style you want to explore, like for me, I don’t get many industrial barn weddings, or tattooed brides. Its so much fun, and I really enjoyed myself! I would say this Pump House styled shoot gave me motivation to do my own styled shoot in the near future! Keep an eye out for that! But enoug of me, you want to jump right to these amazing photos right? I thought so! ENJOY!

Bokeh Love Photography, Pump House Styled Shoot, Bloomsburg, PA
Bokeh Love Photography, Pump House Styled Shoot, Bloomsburg, PA
Bokeh Love Photography, Pump House Styled Shoot, Bloomsburg, PA


Photography: Bokeh Love Photography
Venue: Pump House
Flowers: Fox Hill Farm
Invitations/Paper Goods: Just Be.
Groomsmen Gifts: Welcome Bag Shoppe & Lifetime Leather Co
Dresses & Tuxedos: Seneca’s Bridal & Dress Boutique
Vintage Rentals & Styling: Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals Inc.
Makeup: Erica Bolthouse
Hair: Heather Philbin
Cake: Bella’s Bliss Bakery
Jewelry: Nespoli Jewelers
Gold tattoos: MadeByTattooYou
Paper Straws: Twigs and Twirls LLC

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When I met with Krista for the first time, she told me that she was getting married to her fiancé Arek at RON JAWORSKI’S BLUE HERON PINES.

Blue Heron Pines in Egg Harbor City, NJ is one of my favorite venues, and I love going there! Every time it is a new and amazing experience. I think having been there so many times, opens up more creative experiences. I try to keep things new, and fun. With Krista and Arek’s wedding, I really think I did just that! We had a ton of fun, and I mean, Krista is GORGEOUS, so it really wasn’t difficult.

Krista had the most amazing lace wedding dress I had ever seen. It was adorned with a delicate satin bow on the back, it fit her so well! She was timeless! Every brides dreams of what their perfect wedding day is, and for Krista, I am 100% certain, that all of her dreams came true! Having a wedding at Ron Jaworski’s Blue Heron Pines is so easy. Over the many times that I have been there, I have never had an issue. They treat their brides and grooms fantastic, AND what I really love is that their treat their vendors amazing as well. They work with the timeline that we have, and we work with the timeline they have. We are all in this together, and working as a team, allows the bride and groom have the most amazing day ever! No complaints here, and I highly recommend them!

Now, more about Krista and Arek! Seriously, these two are so much fun, you can see it in their photos. During their bridals, at the famous willow tree at Ron Jaworski’s Blue Heron Pines, they were laughing non stop… they are also head over heals for each other, and they are truly in love. Thank you both, Krista and Arek, for allowing me to capture these special moments for you, and to help you document the start of your legacy together. Best wishes in love and life!


Bokeh Love Photography Ron Jaworski
Bokeh Love Photography Ron Jaworski
Bokeh Love Photography Ron Jaworski

Venue: Ron Jaworski’s Blue Heron Pines
Cake: Apron Strings Dessert Boutique
Photographer: Bokeh Love Photography

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Hello Beautiful!

It’s that time of year again for the Atlantic City Boudoir Marathon! I get so excited when the summer sessions roll around! Everyone is sun kissed and happy! It’s just a big party!

In the past few years, we have been to a few different hotels. The Ocean View Penthouse Suite in The Chelsea, The House of Blue Suite at The Showboat, Luxury Suites at Caesars, and our favorite so far, The One Bedroom Suite at The Golden Nugget! We liked the Golden Nugget SO much, that we are going back this summer! It’s such a gorgeous room! I have BIG plans for the Summer Boudoir sessions this July! A few secret surprises and some really, really exciting news to share with my clients! It’s hush hush until that night!

To give you an idea of what the room looks like, see the photos below. Curtasy of the Golden Nugget website:


So what happens at a boudoir marathon? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you make the decision – to book or not to book?

What is a boudoir session?
Think glamour but sexier! Boudoir photography is an intimate portrait session where you get to feel gorgeous, let your confidence shine, and create the most gorgeous images of yourself. You will get to SEE who you have always FELT inside.

Why do you call it an Atlantic City Boudoir Marathon?
Well, simply because I have the marathon in Atlantic City. We have had great success with the beautiful hotels that Atlantic City has to offer, and we like to stay local!

What is a Boudoir Marathon?
A marathon is when a few sessions take place on the same day, in the same location. Each session has a different time slot with a 10 minute window between sessions. They are still private, but have a central location for hair and makeup.

Why should I do a boudoir session?
There are so many different reasons to do a boudoir session. You could be gifting these images to your significant other for a birthday or a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, you could be engaged and wanting to deliver a gorgeous album as a bridal gift to your new spouse, or maybe you would like to deliver a super spontaneous gift to your significant other, or be doing this for yourself, because let’s face it, we all like to get dolled up and feel sexy!

What do I wear to a boudoir session?
I suggest that you bring 5 outfits to choose from, and I will select my favorite 3. Now I don’t just pick 3 I think are pretty, I find the 3 that I think will look best on your body. I do however, give you advice ahead of time and direct what I think would look best for your shape. It’s good to go to a lingerie store that specilizes in well fitting clothing. Also, you can be fun and bring props like a football and your husbands favorite football jersey. Or perhaps he is into baseball, bring his glove, a baseball and his favorite team shirt! We can go into more details on that, but imagination is key! The impotant thing here is to wear what makes YOU feel sexy! If it’s your favorite pair of jeans a tank top and a good pair of hot pink pumps, then we will take the most amazing photos ever!

I am really shy, I don’t know if I can do this!
Don’t be shy! This is a very fun experience. I work with an all woman team, that means me (the photographer), hair and makeup (all women!) Have some chocolate and sip some champagne! It will be okay!

I am not shy at all, can I be completely nude?
Boudoir is implied nudity, however I will never tell you to take off or put on clothing. Do whatever makes you feel sexy, and I will be there to create beautiful, tasteful images for you.

How many photos do I receive?
You will receive 10 digital negatives of your choice.

Can I purchase additional digitals?
There will be many photos to choose from, and you will be able to order prints from those proofs. For ever print you buy, you will receive that digital for free.

Can I bring a friend or family member?
Yes! Please understand that this is an all woman event, and I request that spouses be left at home. Limit yourself to 1 guest, for moral support, or if they would like to book a session that they do so in advanced so there is time for photographing!

Do I need to do my own Hair and Makeup?
Hair and makeup is included in marathons, but a seperate cost for regular sessions. If you would like to have your hair and makeup done for a regular session you may do so, or I can have it arranged at the studio before your session.

How long will a session last?
Boudoir Marathon’s are 30 minutes for hair and makeup and 30 minutes for photographing.

Who will see my images? Will my Images be uploaded onto the BOKEH LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY website and Social media?
As you can see in this blog post, I do post previews once a year of sessions held the previous year. They do not get posted to social media, just my blog as of right now.  I never show faces unless permission is given. None of these photos are reconizable, except for my own! (Yes, there are photos of me in this blog post) In the future I will feature a section on my website with boudoir images, but again, never will I show faces without written permission to do so.

Do you have any advice to help me prepare for my Boudoir Session?
Yes, of course I do!
-Lotion is a must! Please moisturize before your session to avoid dry skin that will show up in photos.
-Do not wear tight clothing the day of your session. Please wear bagging clothing including bra’s and panties to avoid marks on skin.
-Drink plenty of water the day before and the day of your session to hydrate your skin!
-Do not color hair the day before the shoot.
-If you decided to have nails done, please do so the day before the shoot.
-Do not get a facial the week of the shoot to avoid red skin.
-Do not tan the day before the shoot, please do so 3 or 4 days ahead of time to avoid discolorations in your skin.
-Do not wear makeup, makeup will be done for you.
-Do not arrive with wet hair, hair must be dried.

Sample images from previous Atlantic City Boudoir Marathons:


Bokeh Love Photography, Atlantic City Boudoir Marathon, NJ Boudoir Photography
Bokeh Love Photography, Atlantic City Boudoir Marathon, NJ Boudoir Photography
Bokeh Love Photography, Atlantic City Boudoir Marathon, NJ Boudoir Photography

To book your session, please follow this link: http://bokehlovephoto.studio-booking.com/booking/blp_boudoir/

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Simply email lauren@bokehlovephotography.net

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Laurita Winery is a BEAUTIFUL venue.

When I first arrived I drove down a beautiful long drive up to a gorgeous building with stone work all around. The atmosphere is so relaxed, and did you know it Laurita Winery was named 1 of the 7 Best Drinking Spots With a View in New Jersey! I just read about it on their blog, and I can absolutely believe it! I felt like I was on vacation here.

So when Melissa told me that was where she wanted to have her engagement session, I was so excited! I had never been there and was happy to take the drive. We started the session in the vineyards, the sun was bright, and the sky was beautiful. Her red shirt just popped! It was perfect.

I think engagement sessions are my absolute favorite. I get to know a couple before they get married, and we get to have fun in a relaxed environment. Not only that, but they get an idea of of how I shoot, and how I create these beautiful images.

I would highly recommend Laurita Winery for anyone that wants a casual, relaxed but luxury experience for their engagement session. Enjoy some delicious wine from one of the most amazing winery’s here in NJ, and set out for amazing photos at sunset.


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Oh, hello summer, I’ve missed you! I’ve missed the sand in my toes, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, but most of all, I’ve missed those amazing beach portraits. You know the ones, where everyone is going home, clearing the beach and the cool ocean breeze is kissing our faces as we head toward the jetty to catch the beautiful sunset! Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve missed! I’ve missed them so badly, and cannot wait to get out there again! I want to capture the smiles, the giggles, the kisses and the raw emotion that the Jersey Shore brings out! Kick off those sandals, put on the sun dresses, dress the little man in a straw fedora and make this the summer of memories!

Beach portraits are more than just pictures, they’re more than just snapshots, they’re capturing your family having fun, enjoying the moment and the warm summer air. They’re about spending the moment together and having it, and keeping it close! The Jersey Shore is a magical place that brings family together and keeps them together! Maybe it’s the cotton candy or the Johnsons popcorn, the salt water taffy or the long nights by a fire.. whatever it is enjoy it, embrace it, and capture it forever!

This year, Bokeh Love Photography will be focusing on memories in hand. We want you to enjoy these moments and show them off to your family and friends. We have made irresistible collections to choose from along with add on’s as well as ala carte. We hope you’re as excited as we are, about this amazing experience!

How this will work:
We’ve decided that we don’t want to charge per person. It’s silly. You pay for my time, to come out, and take gorgeous memorable photos of your family. I don’t want to scare you off and tell you that a family of 4 will be this much and a family of 6 will be this much. Bring them all, let’s have a beach portrait party! I love to see happy families, and promise you I will make it a fun time for everyone! Of course, we have kids, so we understand how things go. Kids turn into Crankenstein! (Seriously, read the book, they totally do!), so they get to go first, when they’re happy, excited and in a good mood. Then we move on to Grandparents, Parents, and then break it down into small groups until we are done. It’s works fabulous and it’s a great time!

When I get home that night, I cull them! That means, I go through all of the images and only save the most amazing ones.

From there, I edit them and upload to a password protected website where you get to see all of these amazing images! It’s get better, trust me! Not only can you purchase prints, but you can also order wall art too! Canvases, Fine Art metals, etc… It’s all done directly through the website, and whatever you order gets shipped to your home! So that means, if you were here on vacation, and your family went back home, pass the website around and everyone can order their own products and get it at their own house!

Not only that, but when you order all the gorgeous images, you get to capture your memories from your vacation at the Jersey Shore and support a local photographer! (Thank you so much, it means the world to me!)

To give you a rough idea on pricing:
Session fee: $150
8×10′s & smaller: $50
Digitals are available for $800

If you are asking, “Why are the digitals so expensive?” Here is the answer:
We are a full-service photography company based in Galloway, NJ. We offer an array of products such as heirloom albums, metallic gallery wraps, wood prints, lockets, etc. We offer pre-session consultations, proof viewing/ordering sessions, with the option to pick up or have your products delivered to your front door. We pride ourselves in customer service and go above and beyond 100% of the time. We believe that handing over digitals on a disc, usb, or downloadable over the internet is doing our clients an injustice. We don’t want you to buy them, we want to provide you with the most amazing products you have ever seen, so you and your family can swoon over the quality and know that you hired a true professional. However, if you would like to buy them, they are $800+tax, but we highly recommend a photo album instead.;)

To reserve your beach portraits this summer, and see our collections (that include products) please contact lauren@bokehlovephotography.net




**Did you notice there were links throughout this blog post? That is because we have teamed up with Amazon.com to share with you our favorite products! You can click the links and purchase those items directly through Amazon! If you would like to try Amazon Prime and their amazing 2 day free shipping, click here and receive your first 30 days free!

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