Portraits are my favorite, especially when they’re a Batsto Village Maternity Session! Batsto Village is one of those hidden gems that is always perfect for portraits located right in Hammonton, NJ! I love the old buildings, the wood fences, the dirt roads and grass fields! Any color that you wear will pop against the neutral tones of the village. Maternity sessions are so special. This is a time in your life where you want it documented, remembered, and preserved because it means more to you than the world.

Having a Batsto Village maternity session is such a great idea. It’s located in Wharton State Forest in New Jersey. On the other side of the village there are beautiful hiking trails, but my heart in truly in love with the village. It’s like falling back in time, and seeing how people lived, how they worked, and provided for their families. It’s deep in history, so make a day of it! If it’s open, stop by the visitors center and check it out!

I had such a great time photographing Tara and Joe! They’re so happy and exited to meet their little bundle of joy! Tara had a few outfit changes and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked in each outfit! Pregnancy certainly looks amazing on her! These are photos going to be cherished so much looking back and remembering how it felt to have their little inside. They’re both glowing!

Enjoy the photos from this gorgeous Batsto Village maternity session, and if you are planning on having maternity portraits taken, please email: Lauren@bokehlovephotography.net

batsto village maternity session
batsto village maternity session

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A few weeks ago I attended a light workshop in Philadelphia by LuRey Photography! (You can read all about the workshop by clicking here) Being a Philadelphia wedding photographer wanting to learn from the best, I jumped on the occasion to visit the studio 10TWO5 and to learn from LuRey Photography! Philadelphia is just a little drive away and I have been wanting to expand my business and incorporate off camera flash more and more. I play with it now, but in the past I have considered myself a natural light photographer., who dabbles with light. This workshop has helped me branch out more, and be able to offer my clients a better wedding experience.

I love Philadelphia, and love that I can consider myself a Philadelphia wedding photographer! Philadelphia is a gorgeous place, full of great people, beautiful buildings, and amazing opportunities to take EPIC photos! A dream of mine is to be able to photograph brides in Philadelphia buildings on a high up floor with the entire city seen outside of the window. That can only been done with the use of flash! Now that I have a better understanding for it, I plan on making GORGEOUS photos with the skills I’ve learned!

This experience did make me wish I had a studio, because studio work is just so gorgeous! I would obviously have to invest in a bit more equipment than I have now, but it would totally be worth it! For now, if I need a studio, I can always rent a space. There are so many places in Philadelphia that are so perfect!

Easton and Laura of LuRey Photography, are such amazing people. I met them being in this industry, and I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to call them friends, not just colleagues. The love that have for teaching is so great! You can tell when someone is passionate about what they do. They not only take amazing photos, they care about their clients, and bettering the industry by helping other photographers reach their full potential and more. So, if you are a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, or in the Tri-State area, you should look them up and go to one of their workshops. You will not regret it!

Here are some of my photos from the workshop. Needless to say, I have learned some fabulous tricks that I plan to use on upcoming 2015 weddings! I really cannot wait!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography


Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

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When I heard we would be getting some snow, I ran to my closet to check the size of the dress I had purchased earlier this year. It was a thrift store find. A lot of beautiful dresses are worn once, and either tossed to the side of a closet, given away or sold to regain some money back after its use. Being a resourceful photographer, I often find myself looking into thrift stores to find some hidden treasures. Months ago, as I was skipping down the dress aisle (yes, I’m serious) I saw this dusty rose gown staring at me. It wasn’t just a prom dress, or an evening gown. This was a pink, taffeta wedding dress! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The size said 16, but there was no way it could be a 16. Whoever had this dress obviously had it fitted to their body. So, as you know how difficult it is to find someone to fit a dress that has been taken in, it just sat in my closet. I began imagining all of the different styled shoots I could come up with centered around this dress. Would it be a trash the dress? Would it be a bunch of roses? Never did I think of snow!

In two days, I was able to find a bride for the dress, a florist to make a bouquet (Karen Fowler Floral Design), and scout out some amazing locations. Believe it or not, finding a tree lined road, AND Christmas tree’s is a bit tricky. Thankfully, I’ve got some secret locations up my sleeve! Of course I had to add some personal touches as well (my wedding shoes that survived my house fire, my crystal champagne flutes that I bought for boudoir sessions, and the Bride even brought along her Grandmothers fur coat!)

This was going to be EPIC! Not only did it snow, but also it was a perfect day to shoot. We had nice, even lighting and of course my amazing assistant, my hubbs helped drive us around in his truck, and toss some snow on the Bride! Special thanks to my hubbs, and Theresa from Forever Sunshine Photography (Yep, she’s a photographer!) and Karen of Karen Fowler Floral Design!!! Check them both out and show them some love! Thanks Ladies!!!

Oh, and PS – As it turned out, the dress was a size 8!!!!!


Dress: Good Will
Flowers: Karen Fowler Floral Design
Model: Theresa Michele of Forever Sunshine Photography
Shoes: Blue by Betsey Jognson Wish Platform Pumps
Champagne Flutes: Waterford Crystal
Fur under shoes/Champagne flutes: Nicole Miller Home Faux Fur Throw
Fur Coat: Model’s Grandmothers
Hair & Makeup: Model

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It’s easy to say that you will never take boudoir photos. It’s a scary thing, to get in front of the camera, and shed your clothing. I know, because I’ve been there. I decided to get in front of the camera last year, at my summer boudoir marathon. It was scary; I will not lie to you. After a few minutes, I started to see a change in myself. I felt good, I felt empowered, I felt free. It was finally me being myself, and being proud of myself for doing something I would never do. I started out doing this for my husband, thinking he would love this! It soon became something I wanted to do FOR ME! I needed a self-esteem boost, after having two kids; I didn’t think my body was, ya know, where it should be. I couldn’t believe how happy I was with my body, with myself, and how proud and excited I was to show my husband the photos. He loved them, of course, but I wasn’t even afraid to show him, because I was pleased with how I looked.

I want to take you all through a walkthrough of how these sessions are. In the past, I go above and beyond to get these amazing suites. I booked the sessions an hour apart, to give ample time for hair, makeup, and privacy. This boudoir marathon I am going to show you was at the Showboat just before it closed. I knew I had to book this amazing suite, because it would cease to exist, had I not booked it! It was called, the House of Blues Suite! It was majestic, fabulous, dark, and romantic. It wasn’t like my other boudoir marathons were – bright and airy. It was definitely different, but I loved the mood it was giving the photos.


I of course, take care of my clients, and had gifts and cookies prepared for them! (and some pink champagne to loosen up the nerves) The cookies (so delicious) were designed and baked by the fabulous Flourish! You can find Flourish on Facebook, InstaGram and Etsy if you’d like to have your own fabulous cookies custom designed for you!




Upon entering there was a gorgeous sitting area where hair and makeup was being done. Angela Campanale did hair and Kiara Upsher did makeup. They are both seriously, the sweetest! Angela works at a local hair salon and is AMAZING and Kiara owns her own cosmetic business so everything she puts on you is also for sale. She can even make you a custom foundation blend (just ask!) and all of her products are not tested on animals, and are super friendly for even the most sensitive of skin! (It’s also my makeup of choice, thanks for the hookup lady!) Check out Kiara Upsher on Facebook, InstaGram, and her online cosmetic store!


To start, I want to show off my own photos. I definitly broke out of my shell and opened up a lot! It was exilerating and I am so happy and proud to have these photos to show off (and give to my hubby)!




All of the women who came out were amazing! They had so much fun, and even came with friends! I encourage friends to tag along, and if they want a session or to jump in, make sure to pre book so we are prepared and you get the hair and makeup! Also, everyone who books, goes home with a goodie bag! It’s my special treat to end this night with something fun!







To see a preview of what is in store for next week’s boudoir marathon, click here!

There is still time to reserve your session, but hurry! Spots are booking up fast and I don’t want you to have to wait until next year!


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I am so excited to announce that the January Boudoir Marathon is finally here! These have become very well known with BLP and I look forward to planning them every year! Having these twice is a year is really fun because I get to plan a winter and summer one in totally different hotels. Each year we get so many women coming out to get photos taken for their boyfriends, husbands, partners, and even for themselves! In July, I even got them done!!

Last year we booked the a Penthouse Suite at the Chelsea in Atlantic City and the House of Blues Suite in the Showboat Hotel & Casino. Both locations were high end and pure luxe! They are amazing! This year we looked around and decided to stay in Atlantic City! In January we will be going to the Golden Nugget in a 1 bedroom Suite. This means great things, and I will tell you why. Privacy is HUGE for me, and I want everyone to feel comfortable doing this. This suite has a living room and a private bedroom with sliding doors. So while all of the ladies are getting their hair and makeup done, munching on delicious snacks, and listing to fab music, the shooting area will be private! It’s great because you don’t have to feel presured to do anything in front of anyone, and you can focus on getting amazing pictures taken!

Here is what the suite looks like! I am so excited!


**Hotel photos are from the Golden Nugget website.

In addition to this amazing room, you will also be getting hair and makeup done by one of the top in the wedding industry, Mia Crivaro! I had the pleasure of meeting her at my cousins wedding, she is a total sweetheart! You can check out her work here, she’s FABULOUS! creationsbymia.com

If you aren’t sure if you want to book and need to see a sample, please email me and we can discus everything. For protection and privacy reason, I will not share any photos online that reveal faces, unless the client is totally okay with it. I will however show you my photos! I had a great time, and my hubby loves them! Here are some photos of me and one of my besties! (And she is responsible for our lovely makeup! Her name is the lovely Miss Kiara Upsher)



I am accepting 10 bookings for this Boudoir Marathon. With each booking a Peal Iguana Wallet Folio is included. A folio is a wonderful way to display your photos. Below is an image for you to see exactly what you will get!

bokeh love photography, pearl iguana folio, with every boudoir marathon, 10 available

**Images from distributor website.

January 2015 Boudoir Marathon Details:

When: January 13, 2015

Where: The Golden Nugget Hotel & Spa, Spa Tower, 1 Bedroom Suite (I will be emailing everyone upon checkin with the room number)

Time: Checkin to the hotel is at 4:00. The first apointment is at 4:30, Everyone is encouraged to come 1 hour before their apointment to ensure that we are running on time!

Your turn: Your hair and makeup is all done! SO EXCITING! All shoots will be in the private bedroom (with sliding doors), the bathroom (bathtub with bubbles), or in the livingroom if you don’t mind other ladies laughing, dancing, and singing to music! If you want to do the bathtub with the bubbles, please bring bathing suit bottoms, and a towel! Shooting will last 30 minutes, and as promised you will get 10 digital files. (But for those of you know KNOW ME, you KNOW you will be getting more than that)

What should you bring: A robe for getting ready, 2-3 outfits (a black bra and panties is a must) Think FUN, SEXY, and FEEL GOOD! Props definitly! Boyfriends, fiance’s, girlfriends, husbands, etc. What do they like/do? Examples: Football jersey, dirt bike helmet, fire fighter pants, work shirt, tie, police hat/shirt, guitar, etc.

Can you bring someone: Yes! You sure can! I’ve had Mom’s, sisters, BFF’s! We just ask that men and children stay home. This is a ladies only event, and not appropriate for men and children.

Investment: $375 includes hair, makeup, the suite, digitals, AND a Pearl Iguana Folio with two wallets of your choice. And of course muchies!

Albums: Albums will be on display for purchase. Custom albums are also available. Also everyone will receive a price sheet of available products with order deadlines guaranteed to be delivered by Valentines Day!

Terms & Conditions: The only images that will be shown publically are images that do not include faces. Images that do show faces need to sign an additional contract stating that you agree to have images publish publicly. $100 non-refundable retainer is due upon booking to reserve your session, and the rest is due 1 week before shoot date (January 6th). All images will be delivered online via a password protected client access website in both color and b&w.

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